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Whilst perusing old blogs online, I ran across an interesting story:

Apparently, Jon Pertwee (The Third Doctor) had a minor part as Crassus in “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum” filmed in 1966.  While on location, Pertwee and his wife had a trailer next door to Buster’s.  One day, Buster apparently asked Mrs. Pertwee to lunch and she turned him down, totally unaware of who he was and thinking that he was some kind of “old lech.”

Many years later, she visited a Keaton event, and struck by his genius and talent, stated:  ”THAT GENIUS ASKED ME TO LUNCH, AND I WAS TOO STUPID TO GO!!!! AAAARRRGH!”  Poor lady.

Lunch dates aside, I’m pretty sure that Buster was a Time Lord, and probably discussed the secrets of the TARDIS with a young Pertwee, enabling him to accurately portray the Third Doctor in later years.  I’m simply thrilled to learning that there are now ZERO degrees of separation between Buster Keaton and Dr. Who!  (And Louis B. Mayer was a Dalek.  I’m sure of it).

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